There’s nothing that can arouse more debate than the issuing of who should take care of the bill. Several generations ago, the phrase “Dutch” or “Dutch the bill” wasn’t introduced because men would usually take care of this. But as people are growing more financially independent, especially women, splitting the bill became a common practice among young people. There’re indeed many ways in terms of “splitting the bill”, we can divide the total per head, we can split the bill based on individual consumption, and we can split food and drink bills. It is mindboggling just to imagine how many times one needs to ask others about what and how much they order, right?

Based on my history of eating out with friends, plus so many embarrassing moments standing in front of the cashier and meeting the eyes of waiters without knowing how much to pay, I have the right to say that I don’t like to split the bill. I hate to argue with my friends over who should pay what and whether to round up the service fee. Such petty things don’t worth my time. But sometimes those few dollars topped up in my bill still make me feel somewhat irritated. Of course, I would never bring this issue up with my friends, perhaps out of embarrassment, but over a few times, I started to realize that’s indeed an interesting topic to discuss.

So I have my Taiwanese friends answer the questions.

Bridget, 23, Taichung

I think it’s very reasonable. If you go out to dinner with the same sex, you know that you have to pay for what you ordered. It doesn’t make sense to suddenly forget this when eating out with the opposite sex. I think it is the most basic rule of being a human being? I don’t know…

我覺得很合理,跟同性出去用餐都知道要各付各的了,沒道理跟異性出去吃飯就變成某一方出錢,除非講好輪流請客之類的,不過我會覺得AA制跟性別沒有關係,比較覺得是身為人類最基本的規則嗎? 不曉得…

Jean, 33, Taipei

Very good, everyone pays their own living expenses ~ there will be no pressure on each other

很不錯,大家各自支付自己的生活費~ 互相都不會有壓力

Chen, 22, Taichung

I think it’s okay to treat one party occasionally, but it’s too much if I need to cover up the bill every time, and I will feel a little despised.


Erin, 19, Taichung

Whether it is a couple in love, a couple talking about marriage, or couples in a long-term relationship, as long as they are not married, they are just couples, then stick to their roles as boyfriend/girlfriend, and they must split the bill to avoid breaking up. Unless you are 100% confident that you will get married, or you are not married but 100% sure that neither of you will pick at each other afterward, which is another story. But if today is the birthday of the other or there is something worth celebrating, then the man/woman will let their partners pay if they want. After all, when necessary, the other party’s “sense of being needed” needs to be satisfied, so that he/she has a sense of “being needed”. You’ve done something”, which helps increase intimacy.


Ariel, 22, Taichung

Splitting the bill is very important! No one owes anyone in a relationship, it is equal.

AA制很重要!感情裡誰也不欠誰 是對等的

Cindy, 24, Taichung

I think splitting the bill is pretty good, the taking turns to treat each other is also good.


Heidi, 19, Texas

I usually pay for my own consumption.


That’s the end! See you next time with more interesting content!

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