Hello! As a person who spends at least two hours per day on Youtube, I want to introduce you to my favorite YouTubers whose content has been a constant source of entertainment and inspiration for me.

This content creator’s unique style and captivating personality keep me returning to their channel repeatedly. Their styles are diverse, from informative and educational videos to hilarious and entertaining content. I am excited to share their work with you and hope you will find these creators’ videos helpful in learning Mandarin, just as I have.

    Dcard 尋奇

    Dcard is a well-known social platform/app among university students in Taiwan. The platform started off as an anonymous platform where users could only see a poster’s school, department, and gender. Nowadays, it has become more than an online discussion forum as it started to allow users from different age groups to register; therefore bringing in more perspectives and information. On its YouTube channel, it discusses topics like relationships and life values, which are widely discussed by Taiwanese online netizens.


    The Youtube channel DenQ來了 shares the latest news related to K-pop. The Korea-born Chinese(韓國華僑) YouTuber named Den, aka Den叔 (Uncle Den), is a huge fan of K-pop. He notices, however, that sometimes the K-pop news is misinterpreted or outdated in the Chinese-speaking world. Hence, this channel aims to provide Chinese speakers with accurate K-pop information. If you’re also into K-pop, don’t miss this channel and join the crew of Den粉!

    文森說書 Vincent reading

    Vincent Reading is a Youtube channel with the theme of literature reading. The host Vincent, will read various classic and modern literary works and share his reading experience and feelings. Its simple explanation style and rich reading content have attracted many book fans to subscribe. I like the mellow voice of Vincent and he always speaks slowly, so it’s effortless to catch on to what he’s saying. Also, I think he articulates a lot and pronounces very clearly, so for people who want to learn Chinese listening skills, his videos and podcasts will be good practice material.


    X調查 (X Investigation) is a Youtube channel with the theme of news investigation and unsolved case analysis. It digs deep into the truth behind various events and makes detailed reports. It has been widely praised for its rigorous investigative approach and impartial reporting style and has attracted many followers and subscribers. So if you are fond of scary, creepy, chilling content, this channel will definitely become your favorite!


    Wèisuān rén is a Korean Youtuber based in Taiwan. His videos are well-loved for their in-depth explorations of Korean society and pop culture. Especially in the series about Korean chaebols and history, the logic is clear, and the stories are evidence-based. If you want to know more about Korean culture, you can’t miss this channel! Also, one thing that I admire about this Youtuber is his Mandarin proficiency. If I met him on the road, I would not think he was from another country!

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