Everyone sleeps, but not everyone does the same things. Learn some words about sleeping in Chinese!

翻身(fān shēn): to turn over in one’s sleep

  • 他昨天睡覺的時候一直翻身,可能是睡不好吧!
  • He kept turning over yesterday, probably because he didn’t sleep well!

打呼(dǎ hū): to snore

  • 我最討厭有人睡覺打呼,真的吵死了!
  • I hate it when people snore in their sleep, it’s noisy!

落枕(lào zhěn): to have a stiff neck

  • 他昨天睡覺的時候落枕,現在沒辦法轉頭。
  • He fell on his pillow yesterday, and now he can’t turn his head.

踢棉被(tī mián bèi): to kick the blanket, quilt

  • 小孩子睡覺的時候很會踢棉被。
  • The children often kick the blanket when they sleep.

說夢話(shuō mèng huà): to talk during one’s sleep

  • 不覺得睡覺的時候會說夢話的人很可怕嗎?
  • Don’t you think people who talk in their sleep are scary?

夢遊(mèng yóu): to sleepwalk

  • 我小時候睡覺會夢遊,我爸媽那時候都很擔心我。
  • I sleepwalked when I was little, my parents were apprehensive about me then.

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