“Pretty girl hidden in golden house” sounds a bit scary because it reminds me of the story of Bluebeard. However, the context of using this Chinese idiom is rather specific. Learn to use this idiom to deliberately hint that a guy is having an affair with a younger woman. 

金屋藏嬌(jīn wū cáng jiāo): This idiom originally referring to building a luxurious house for the beauties he loves, later it is used as a metaphor for a man taking a second wife or having an affair.


  • 老李看來忠厚老實,居然也會金屋藏嬌,令人深感訝異
    • Lǎo lǐ kàn lái zhōnghòu lǎoshí, jūrán yě huì jīnwū cáng jiāo, lìng rén shēn gǎn yà yì
    • Lao Li seems to be honest and honest, but surprisingly, he can hide his beauty in a golden house
  • 在新聞中很常看到政商名流金屋藏嬌的緋聞
    • zài xīnwén zhōng hěn cháng kàn dào zhèngshāng míngliú jīnwū cáng jiāo de fēiwén
    • In the news, it is common to see scandals about political and business celebrities, Jinwu Zangjiao

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