I just finished an online class with my Japanese tutor; it was a lot of fun, as always. We did the online tour of a vast forest park in Kobe city, and when we were going to finish the call, I wanted to tell him to be careful on the way back home since he drove 15 minutes to get to this park.

But I didn’t know how to say it in Japanese. So, therefore, I figured maybe people don’t know how to express this in Chinese either, so here I am sharing this expression: 路上小心!

路上小心 (Lù shàng xiǎo xīn): to be careful on the road

  • 回家路上小心喔~Huí jiā lùshàng xiǎoxīn ō ~
  • Be careful on the way back home!
  • 好~你也是! hǎo ~nǐ yěshì!
  • Sure, you too!

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