Join us in this captivating episode as Cathy opens up about her cross-cultural romantic relationship with her boyfriend. Discover the heartfelt story of their journey, from how they came together to the challenges they encountered and overcame. This episode will deeply resonate if you’re in a relationship with someone from a different country.

Culture Tips


The Taiwanese boys we have contacted prefer gentle and graceful girls who do not like girls who are too strong and assertive.


▶️ 台灣的勞動條件和歐美社會相比有進步的空間

Compared with European and American societies, Taiwan’s labor conditions have room for improvement.


Vocabularies and Phrases:

異國戀 (yì guó liàn) | Cross-cultural love | 異国の恋愛

酸甜苦辣 (suān tián kǔ là) | bittersweet | ほろにがい

勸退 (quàn tuì) | Dissuade | 勧める

相愛容易相處難 (xiāng ài róng yì xiāng chǔ nán) | It’s easy to fall in love, but difficult to get along | 愛し合うことは簡単だが、上手くやっていくのは難しい

隔閡 (gé gé) | Barrier | 隔たり

溝通 (gōu tōng) | Communication | コミュニケーション

不爽 (bù shuǎng) | Unhappy | 不快

人格 (rén gé) | Personality | 人格

委婉 (wěi wǎn) | Euphemistic | 委婉

我沒事 (wǒ méi shì) | I’m fine | 大丈夫

蠻難搞的 (mán nán gǎo de) | Quite difficult to handle | 扱いにくい

陸生 (lù shēng) | Mainland Chinese student | 中国本土の学生

字面上的理解 (zì miàn shàng de lǐ jiě) | Literal interpretation | 文字通りの解釈

這倒也是 (zhè dào yě shì) | That’s true | それは確かにそうです

解決方法 (jiě jué fāng fǎ) | Solution | 解決法

吉卜力 (jí bǔ lì) | Studio GHIBLI | スタジオジブリ

動畫片 (dòng huà piàn) | Animated film | アニメ映画

意識到 (yì shí dào) | Realize | 気づく

重疊 (zhòng dié) | Overlap | 重なり

喜劇片 (xǐ jù piàn) | Comedy film | コメディ映画

搞笑片 (gǎo xiào piàn) | Funny film | お笑い映画

好像也沒差 (hǎo xiàng yě méi chā) | It doesn’t seem to matter | どうでもいいようです

潤滑劑 (rùn huá jì) | Lubricant | 潤滑剤

沒有想清楚 (méi yǒu xiǎng qīng chǔ) | Haven’t thought it through | よく考えていない

溫柔的小女人 (wēn róu de xiǎo nǚ rén) | Gentle woman | 優しい女性

閒言閒語 (xián yánxián yǔ) | Gossip | おしゃべり

異樣眼光 (yì yàng yǎn guāng) | Strange looks | 変な目で見る

被社會的期待綁架 (bèi shè huì de qī dài bǎng jià) | Being held hostage by society’s expectations | 社会の期待に縛られる

文化差異 (wén huà chā yì) | Cultural differences | 文化の違い

笑不出來 (xiào bù chū lái) | Can’t laugh | 笑えない

戳到他的笑點 (chuō dào tā de xiào diǎn) | Hit his funny bone | 彼の笑いのツボにはまる

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