In this episode, Cindy continued to share her experience of quarreling with her roommate. Cathy found the reason why Cindy got irritated, and it was because the roommate crossed the line.

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Culture Tips

▶️Attacking relatives is very provocative in Taiwanese ears

▶️Before renting a house in Germany, you need to write a personal statement, which includes an autobiography, plans, and living habits

Vocabularies and Phrases

1. 這些都不是事實 (zhèxiē dōu bù shì shìshí)

Japanese: これらはすべて事実ではありません

English: None of these are true.

2. 帳面上的 (zhàngmiàn shàng de)

Japanese: 帳簿上の

English: On the books.

3. 錢多事少離家近 (qián duō shì shǎo lí jiā jìn)

Japanese: お金が多くて仕事が少なく、家から近い

English: More money, fewer responsibilities, closer to home.

4. 不予置評 (bù yǔ zhì píng)

Japanese: コメントを控える

English: No comment.

5. 相當沒品的 (xiāngdāng méi pǐn de)

Japanese: 道徳や品性のない人を指す言葉。

English: a way that refers to a person who has no morals, no character

6. 負擔家務 (fùdān jiāwù)

Japanese: 家事を負担する

English: Handle household chores.

7. 沒有教養 (méiyǒu jiàoyǎng)

Japanese: 教養がない

English: Lack of manners or education.

8. 口頭禪 (kǒutóuchán)

Japanese: 口癖

English: Catchphrase or verbal tic.

9. 跟他合不來 (gēn tā hé bù lái)

Japanese: 彼と合わない

English: Can’t get along with him.

10. 就算了啦 (jiù suàn le la)

Japanese: まあいいか!

English: Let it go.

11. 試圖去磨合 (shìtú qù móhé)

Japanese: 調和しようとする

English: Attempt to reconcile or adjust.

12. 天外飛來一筆 (tiānwài fēi lái yī bǐ)

Japanese: 文脈とは関係なく、いきなり文章が挿入される

English: It has nothing to do with the context, a sentence is inserted suddenly

13. 即便是 (jí biàn shì)

Japanese: たとえそれがそうであっても

English: Even if it is.

14. 把自己包裝得很好 (bǎ zìjǐ bāozhuāng de hěn hǎo)

Japanese: 自分をうまく演出する

English: Present oneself well.

15. 作息相同 (zuòxī xiāngtóng)

Japanese: 生活リズムが同じ

English: Same daily routine.

16. 要注意的眉角很多 (yàozhùyì de méijiǎo hěn duō)

Japanese: 注意しなければならない細かい点がたくさんある

English: Many details to pay attention to.

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